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Read our interviews with some of Hong Kong's legal leaders 


Teresa Ko – role model to women in law, partner at Freshfields HK – shares her words of wisdom...


Interview with Joseph Bevash, an accomplished Asia-Pacific projects partner at Latham & Watkins.


High-flying Linklaters HK partner Teresa Ma on approaching your legal career with integrity and guts.


William Barron Davis Polk HK on how international experience early on helped him make it to the top.  


... and our foreword from Professor Christopher Gane, the Dean of The Faculty of Law at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

What we offer

The True Picture: independent reviews on life as a trainee at the leading Hong Kong law firms.


Comprehensive guidance on finding the career path that fits.


How to get started as a Hong Kong lawyer.


In-depth research with trainees, who speak freely under the protection of anonymity, to help us provide unbiased, insightful reports.


Expert advice from leading lawyers, recruitment teams and local law schools on how to get hired at the right place. 


Chambers in Hong Kong

 On the back of the success of our Chambers Student UK and Chambers Associate (US) guides, our team on the ground in Hong Kong set out to research the law grad recruitment landscape in Hong Kong. You can contact the Hong Kong team here. This team also researches the Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide, and they draw on their regional expertise to write this guide to students.


We hope this site helps you find the right career. As ever, we welcome your feedback, and are happy to answer any query you may have.


Contact the editor: Antony Cooke

News and Events

June 2012 saw the introduction of competition law in HK. Expect law firms to grow and recruit in this area. Find out more...


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